Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Imagery POEM - Meet in A4, E2 closed, no electricity

Have fun creating your POEMS; after our classwork - you should already have a draft.
This assignment is due as soon as you walk into class. I will exhibit poems.
Folks who finish early can type their poems. [see you in A4]

Fall Final 2008 AQWF - review questions...

-Most of the German soldier's food is made out of
-Why did Tjaden hate Himmelstoss?
-Who was the best at finding food?
-The weapon of choice in a charge is a
-Why is Paul willing to forgive Himmelstoss?
-What is wrong with Paul's mom?
-What is Paul's favorite food?
-What happens to Kantorek (the boy's high school teacher)?
-Paul guards and befriends some Prisoners of War. They are from
-Who was Gerard Duval?
-What animals do the soldiers not eat?
-When Katczinsky produces four boxes of lobsters, what kind of food would the soldiers have preferred?
-Kat suggests to Paul that they kill the young recruit because ...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Due 12/10/08 ___Quiz for Ch 5 & 6

CH 5&6: STUDY QUESTIONS/Quiz Due Wednesday 12/10/08

Be prepared for a discussion on these and for a Think Write on 12/10

Chap 5: Life after War and Himmelstoss returns_______________________
1) Describe the relationship between Tjaden and Himmelstoss.
Explain what happens between them (Tjaden and Himmelstoss) at the front. Make sure you include why Himmelstoss was at the front. What specifically did Trajden do to get "open arrest"?

2) Discuss the differences between the soldiers (young/old) as they ponder their return to their lives after the war. What are some of the differences between the soldiers – what is Paul’s insight on the generation gap?
** Haie Westhus: minor character, the peat farmer

Chap 6: Experiencing the Battle____________________________________________________
1) How did the soldiers know the Germans were planning an “offensive”? Define “offensive” .
2) What was the effect of ‘suffering’ on the men?

3) What is the purpose of describing in detail the deficiencies [problems] of the recruits?

4) Which of Paul’s friends is taken away with a fatal wound?
How does an earlier scene add to the sadness of that moment?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Week2: AQWF Ch 1-3 quiz ...[timed]

1) Give a one sentence summarizing name for chapters 1-3
[use your summary packets -6 pts]
Ch1 _____, Ch2____, & Ch3_____
2) Give one character trait about Trajden: _________ /2 pts
3) Who gets Kemmerich's boots after he dies? ______ /2 pts
4) The hospital allows the men to stay as long as they wish to say their good-byes T/F
5) The new recruits are 15 yrs old. T /F [Ch2]
6) Kat knows nothing about food. T /F
7) Most of the German food has a common ingredient. T /F
8) All the men appreciated Himmelstoss' patience. T /F

Friday, November 28, 2008

Week of 12/2 through 12/ 4 - All Quiet on the Western Front

Welcome back 12/2, Tuesday
Bring your binders, planners, & Outside Reading project!
-homework check [Lesson 3 vocabulary - completed packet]
-Propaganda lesson "what does it take to have an elder talk you into something"
*review BT FINAL exam

********AQWF Introduction********
-discuss WWI fact sheet and continue discussion on PROPAGANDAbegin character review[how does author use characterization?]
-Monthly reading calendar + watch blog

HW: Read thru Ch.3: take notes
-Find 5 examples & write-up your found propaganda [what kind of persuasion is it]
Did you know? Remarque wrote novel in poetic form...some entire chapters are written in prose.

12/4 Agenda
-AQWF reading quiz over Ch3
-CAHSEE Cornell notes: imagery & more figurative language
-Discuss characterization, setting, & complete in-class journal
**Last day for Outside reading project
-Binder check [Index/checklist of stamped material - clean-out binder]

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front - the video

The copyright was lost on this video, so its in the public domain now. Lucky for you guys!

In the first 20 minutes of the film...look at:
-the class differences [who is working class? who has gone to school?]
-the age differences between Kat and the younger boys who just enlisted,
**this B&W film follows the book best.

Recall the author uses "en media res" --when something starts in the middle of an event. Your mind is expected to catch up to fill-in what happened before we are brought in...the author also uses the literary device "flashback".

Monday, November 17, 2008

Alexie Sherman Interview

Here's a link to an interview with Sherman Alexie.

Week 11-18 through 11-20

Nov 18 - Look at deadlines below - don't procratinate....
**Grades will be posted in E2 & A4 on Tuesday morning.
1) Discuss recent vocabulary tests & Qtr grades.
2) Presentations 11-14
3) Quiz Ch 12-14 bonus questions ...coming here [tomorrow 11/17 eve].
4) Take questions on Outside Reading projects.
5) Review Literary terms for BT test / review themes

**Bean Trees essays are due Thursday / complete novel if you have not already.

Reminder: NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED - not essays, not Outside Reading projects...

Nov 20 - **Bean Trees Essay are due / hand-in novels
1) Review for BT Test [test on Monday 11/24] / return packets to students to use for studying
2) Review vocabulary BT#1, Lessons 1-2 & prefixes
3) Review Jeopardy game...
4) Check out novels - All Quiet on Western Front
***Book reports extended - due 11/26 [turn in early if you are leaving town]

Reminder: NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED - not essays, not Outside Reading projects... Most of you are doing a great job - keep it up!

Outside Reading: One True Media password...

Email if you want to use this app. I DO NOT want to post our special password on a public BLOG. OR Our account has special options - the highest level of options.
check out samples...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 11-10 through 11-14

Wednesday 11/12
1) We will review CAHSEE Word Analysis & take a CAHSEE quiz
2) We will review VOCABULARY words / voting on favorite cards
3) Presentations of Ch 10, 11 (2) and 12 will take place.
HW: Complete Journal #4 - Character/Concept Comparison chart &
Study for Vocabulary test#2 *Make sure you have completed your reading!

We will finish the Bean Trees on Tuesday next week, please continue to read ahead.
NOTE: CHANGE in Outside Reading Book - new Due Date __11/24/08______

Friday 11/14
1) Take vocabulary #2 quiz
2) Take Bean Trees chapter 11-14 reading quiz
3) Complete prefixes worksheet & review
4) Free Time to work on OR presentations / outstanding writing [Ch #13-16 next week].

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 10-20 through 10-24

Monday: 10/20 through Friday 10/24:
Review Vocabulary quiz -> postponed until absentees take make-up

**Please bring your Outside Reading books back..._Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian_. We'll need to make some dialetical journals

1) Take notes & review CA Standard Read.Comp 2.4 and be ready for another CAHSEE quiz on Tuesday Oct 28.
2) Ch9 presentation: Bring your BT novels, we will be reviewing the novel while chapters are presented.
HW: Complete all of "What is a refugee" & take notes on Ch 9-11 be prepared to review/discuss BT Chapters 9 through 11.

Wednesday: 1) "On-time to graduate?" Counseling presentation.
2) Review more CA Standard - Reading Comp.
3) Fragment & Pronoun replacement strategy [HW -> worksheets]
HW: Complete the grammar strategy with pronouns & fragment worksheet.

Friday: new seating chart
1) BRING OR novel - S.Alexie's _Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian_
2) CAHSEE review: more Reading Comp practice & notes
3) Review grammar worksheets / start vocab unit #2
HW: Take dialectical journal notes on _Part-Time Indian_ & create timeline [need quotes] Note: OR assignment DATE change - new Due date 11/14/08.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 10-14 through 10-16

Tuesday - 10/14: Vocabulary quiz -> postponed until Thursday

We will review CA Standard Writing Strategy 1.9 and by doing so will understand the necessity and importance of revising our writing. Good writing is a process - learning that process is what we will embark upon after our short CAHSEE quiz.

Please bring your BT novels, vocabulary packets [quick review for Thursday] AND you what is a refugee sheet?

Thursday - 10/16: Vocabulary quiz [over WORD packet1 including 4 affixes]

HW: Please read & be prepared to review/discuss BT Chapters 9 through 11.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 10-6 through 10-10

10-6________Writing Strategies & Grammar____________________
Your _Strong Family_ essay is due in class.
We will also consider these question[s}, how does our weekend essay tie into our semester theme? Our semester theme is how young adults transition into becoming adults, consider the essay you wrote over the weekend when you answer:

How does having a strong family contribute or take away from becoming an adult?
What if someone does not have a 'strong' family - are they doomed to fail?

In class: Read Damon & Pythias and discuss BT chart [p.5] Climax & Building Action. If you COME TO CLASS W/O your essay, please make sure your parents sign your LATE paper on Wed - noting they know you did not complete your homework. [Presentation on Ch 7 Wed].

HW: Complete your vocabulary packet up to page 6. Also please be prepared for a quiz on Ch6-8 on Wed, revisit our BLOG for BONUS quiz questions. Reminder NOTE: vocabulary quiz: WORD Unit1 & prefixes [10/14]

10-8 more BT themes, Grammar & Vocabulary review
Character sheets in packet should be complete, fill-in notes on people while considering the theme of "relationships".

WORD Unit 1 will be reviewed - VISUAL vocabulary will be created. We will have of the most votes will get double points [make sure you have a showing sentence that explains your WORD].
HW: If I can create your accounts in time - we will have an Outside Reading BLOG discussion...for a grade.

10-10 ________Ch 7 & 8 presentations, review "what is a Refugee?"
Literary terms - discuss Symbols & Ch7-8 questions.

HW: _______________and redraft family essay over the weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Outside Reading...coming soon!

Please create a question you think most of your colleagues are thinking while they read _The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian_. Write down your question & hand-it to me...the first 10 people to hand it to me will get BONUS passes.

I will select the 2 best ACTIVE READING questions and once I complete creating your accounts, I will ask you to reply online...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 9-29 through 10-3

In preparation for our CAHSEE review, we will need to take a quick practice assessment. This will guide the 10th grade teachers to the area(s) where you all need specific CAHSEE focus [sorry for yet another assessment]. We have not forgotten the _Bean Trees_, please keep on reading - or go back & reread. A quiz on Ch 6-7 is pending...

Please make sure you have completed your prefix sentences & vocabulary questions [pp 1-2]... Remember I find the "complete w/ the corrected word" on page 3, one of the most valuable sections because it allows you to create a 2-4 word definition / and oftentimes it gives you a synonym.

Please bring your completed grammar sheets may have a quiz.

We will go to the library to check-out _the Diary of a Part-Time Indian_ by Sherman Alexie.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Class this week 9-16, 9-19

9-16 Agenda: Bean Trees: 3 presentations [make-up ch3, Ch4 and Ch5]

Be prepared to discuss the theme you see introduced in Chapter3 dealing with botany.

We will finish Monday preparation with a quiz over ch3-4...visiting winners get **Quiz Bonus question(s): 1) Does Taylor hate the weird garden in Mattie’s yard - no! she loves it. 2) LouAnn named her son _Dwayne Ray_ and he was born on January 1. _Homework: see BT Journal #3 below - due 9/18/08_:

Your journal#3 due on 9/18 Thursday:

"In The Bean Trees, all of the major characters are involved with quests or personal goals. The author, Barbara Kingsolver, seems to suggest that a journey (whether physical, emotional, or intellectual) is necessary for any chance of happiness or satisfaction."

What is your opinion of: we are strongly motivated by the need to prove ourselves or find ourselves?

Your challenge will be to write a 1 page opinion without using any “I” phrases. Please write at least a page to this response. Also, date your journal, _DO NOT_ skip lines and TRY to write in present tense as much as possible. If you do not have your journals, you may use binder paper / or just post here [must be 2 paragraphs on-line]. For example, your position may be, "People are never motivated by the need to prove themselves, but they are often looking for themselves." -or- "People are very motivated to prove themselves - this is shown by ..."

Thursday 9/18: Agenda: vocabulary list #1 quiz & Introduction to Grammar [review parts of speech] Homework: given in-class
______A sample vocabulary test will appear here on Wed eve____

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week of 9-08 through 9-12-08

Hi all-
Monday's classwork expectations were your summer reading assessment - sorry about the key issue. Since only a few of you completed your in-class essay, you will have 45 min on Wednesday to complete/edit/type. No outside notes, aside from 1 page of quotes you selected to use can to brought from home [that's why I stamped where you were.] Bring *your own summer reading novel for quotes, and a blue/black pen.

We will have the laptop LAB w/ printer again in class.

We will have _ONLY_ the chapter 3 Bean Trees presentation on Wednesday. Please make sure you remember what our goal/theme for the semester is ...that may be on your quiz. On a 3x5 card, please complete your vocabulary CARD project [example on Communicado/or I'll email it; come get a 3x5 card in E-2 or A-4 if you need one.

Email me if you have questions. best, Ms. Uptegraft

Thursday, September 4, 2008

BT Ch2 quiz of the questions...

This chapter introduces a few new characters (and supports old themes). While reading, don't get discouraged if the story doesn't make sense...keep reading. Taylor will be introduced to LouAnn in a few days.
Why does the author include this character? ..why would she be interested in being friends w/ Taylor [Missy].

here's your freebie for visiting: [a free quiz question]
#4 Lou Ann comes home and thinks she has been robbed. What really happened?

Monday, September 1, 2008

BT summaries - partner project

Use this form for your Chapter (partner) presentation - you can type it if you'd like.
I will assign your partners. Hope you had a great long weekend.

A reminder of other homework is on Communicado. [email me if you cannot access that yet].

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

along the lines of our semester theme...

I hope most of you enjoyed the intro to the semester...perhaps thought provoking? or maybe just fun to get out of your seats!?

So here's a fellow, Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D., author of _Stranger in your Living Room: How Media Hurts Children_. While I cannot endorse the book [I haven't read it] he seems fairly knowledgeable about how media may benefit when teens don't think for themselves. *thank you Claude.

Note: Your parents may even be interested. ;o
Click here for the flier

p.s. ask me about XC if you attend this...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Classes have begun

Welcome Uptegraft classes for 2008-09

We will hold homework assignments on this site as well as journal entries over weekends. Are you ready? Come see me if technology scares you...

You all sound excited to be back - by the way, your letters were excellent! Thank you for taking such time & care as you told me a little about yourself. In turn, I will share information with you - and best of all, we will share ideas about the novels we explore.

How was chapter 1 of the Bean Trees? You will have a quiz over the Chapter. Welcome back again - I am delighted to be your Eng2 teacher. See you in A-4 on Thursday - we will be moving to E-2 next week.

best, Fleur Uptegraft

Please mark your calendars AGAIN for the summer reading assessment [test] on 9/8 - A day. If you haven't completed your novel, please do so this weekend. Have a restful Labor day weekend.