Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27 - May 1

___April 27__________
review Act III quiz
review antonyms / synonyms Lesson #10 - prepare for vocab test 4/29
Review Act III quiz,
Complete ActIII [read what we do not complete in class]
HW: Complete Postreading Activity - questions #1-6
Write up focus question as 4-29 Journal:
"To what extent do you think Macbeth's corruption is due to his weaknesses within his character and to what extent do you think his corruption is due to external forces"
Study for Vocabulary test #6 on 4/29

___April 29__________
Vocabulary test #6 4/29
Hand-in Journal 4/29: Discuss exploration questions
Start Act IV - complete Close read on Act IV
Review essays: in-class writing editing [writing tutorial sign-up]
HW: Complete at home close read in Act IV [15-20 min]

___May 1__________
Review vocab test
Final essay assignment
Complete Act IV, start Act V

HW: Complete close read in Act V [15-20 min]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Macbeth agenda 4-16, 4-17

4/16___________Act3 Macbeth _____
=Read& perform ACT III: review questions #1-5
=Cornell notes reviewing characterization
=what is a foil?
=in-class essay - sentence outline required.

HW: Proofread essay and rewrite if necessary /
vocabulary lesson completed

4/17___________Act3 Macbeth _____
=Complete ActIII: review questions #6-end
=class discussion in topics of essays
=groups to sign-up to perform scene from play

HW: Outside reading - decide on assessment [ppt, poster]