Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fall Final 2008 AQWF - review questions...

-Most of the German soldier's food is made out of
-Why did Tjaden hate Himmelstoss?
-Who was the best at finding food?
-The weapon of choice in a charge is a
-Why is Paul willing to forgive Himmelstoss?
-What is wrong with Paul's mom?
-What is Paul's favorite food?
-What happens to Kantorek (the boy's high school teacher)?
-Paul guards and befriends some Prisoners of War. They are from
-Who was Gerard Duval?
-What animals do the soldiers not eat?
-When Katczinsky produces four boxes of lobsters, what kind of food would the soldiers have preferred?
-Kat suggests to Paul that they kill the young recruit because ...

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