Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Journal #4

Homework Blog [due on-line before 3/2/09 11pm]:
Journal #4 “Is Lady Macbeth evil or just a very ambitious person?”

Describe what constitutes an evil person before answering this question...are really ambitious people often misunderstood as evil? Feel free to support your Journal with quotations. [no shorter than 8 sentences - this may be a future essay prompt]

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 2-23 through 2-27-09

Agenda 2/23:
**edited essays DUE BACK
-Lesson #5 prepare for Vocabulary quiz [review mini lesson 3 & 4]
-Macbeth /Shakespeare INTRO
-Review characters, Macbeth Vocabulary & Groupwork quotes #1-8
[Valley Girl, Rap, Teen speak, Jive/Slang, Nerdy-square, preppy, Jock-talk]
HW:___ActI Quote translation and post to Journal #3: Your reflection on AQWF

Agenda 2/25:
-View documentary "Invisible Children" - write reflection
HW:_Complete quotes assigned [group work], post to AQWF reflection to blog
*Ambitious students can study for lesson #5 vocabulary + Macbeth vocab#1 quiz 3/3/09

Blog: [A] Do you believe AQWF was beneficial to your study of WW1 in MEH and what was something specifically useful/enjoyable about the novel. Post your thoughts to others' posts. DUE 2/27/09 [B] Film viewing, "Invisible Children": write personal reflection.

Friday, February 20, 2009

2-19-09 agenda - homework due 2/23

Class agenda 2-19:
-Review Vocabulary Lesson#5 [brief]
-Review edits of paper #1-2 [complete 3 &4 on Monday]
-Review recent AQWF essays and

1) edit your last essay -bring clean copy + edits on MONDAY 2/23/09
2) Respond to Macbeth Journal #2
"What is something you have wanted so bad that you may have been willing to do harm to others if you didn't get it?" Ask your family if you can't recall anything. Explain the situation [no shorter than 5 sentences].

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week of 2/18- 2/20 Shakespeare's Macbeth Intro

2-18 **BRING BACK Parent Permission Slips
-Google Account letters due - sign-up for your email nickname
-CAHSEE practice exam /-practice essay
-[IF TIME] pick-up Macbeth textbook

HW:1. Edit papers #1-3 [2 +comments, make edits]
Post on BLOG to answer Macbeth Journal #1:
"Have you ever done something ON PURPOSE that could be considered 'evil' and you enjoyed it?" What was it and how did you feel?

Directions on HOW to post: Go down to the comment box and write your response and POST it. It should work, otherwise, email me asap [].

Post your response and review others' posts for a discussion. [Use your nickname]. Be ready for a discussion on "being evil".

Writing tutorial notes...2/9/09

During 7th period and after school a few of us met and here are the NOTES::

Thesis Essay prompt#2
CHANGE: Paul and the other soldiers change throughout the novel. [While these are incomplete notes, they are a draft of Topic sentences & potential quotes you can use for a strong essay]. Remember, you must have 2 quotes per body.

BODY #1 - TS Young soldiers believe propaganda & enlist
1. War will make them heroes - Kantorek quote
2. Soldiers are naive about the war [Kat quote-he teaches them to survive] Transition sentence could be about "learning how to" survive...]

BODY #2 - TS: Paul & others are becoming wise about the ways of killing, possibly pessimistic, as well as alienated...
1. Thoughts on how they could die everyday [change quote - use journal]
2. war is futile [they are learning skills to become keen killers, sense of self- preservation...but what does this do other than help them STAY alive?] How does it make them feel -it this different than how they feel in the beginning?
**Tie transitional sentence back into thesis.

BODY #3 - TS: Paul develops empathy, moves away from self-preservation (although this skill is ingrained]
1. Russian soldiers
2. General Duval

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 2-09 through 2-11

We will complete AQWF this week. Your novel is DUE BACK on 2/11 - Your essay due date.

Monday 2-9:
Review vocabulary quiz. Discuss grades & upcoming essays.
Review CAHSEE homework, lessons 35, 36
Take mini CAHSEE Writing Conventions quiz
-Discuss Contrast groupwork - peer edits. Essays due 2/11, no late papers accepted

Wednesday 2-11:
-Laptop cart available
-Peer editing available
-Discuss expository writing prompts
*Lesson 30, p 112 in CAHSEE books

Have a great Valentines/President's weekend!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Essay Drafts/Outlines due 2/9 [25 pts]
In order to complete a peer review/ask editing questions - you will need to show a draft of your paper on MONDAY 2/9.

Qtr grades go in on 2/9; grades will be posted in E2 / A4.
The following is a list of journal assignments:

Journal 2: 1/13/09 [p. 110] Paul's discussion of Chance
Journal 3: 1/15/09 "War is Futile"
Journal 4: 1/21/09 How do the soldiers change, what makes Paul angry when he goes home? [you may chose mention Post-war Trauma]
Journal 5: 2/3/09 quotes from Ch4,7,9: Vocabulary & AQWF quiz

LINK TO PODCAST for Journal 4:

Check here for the Final essay assignment/rubric tomorrow.