Friday, December 5, 2008

Week2: AQWF Ch 1-3 quiz ...[timed]

1) Give a one sentence summarizing name for chapters 1-3
[use your summary packets -6 pts]
Ch1 _____, Ch2____, & Ch3_____
2) Give one character trait about Trajden: _________ /2 pts
3) Who gets Kemmerich's boots after he dies? ______ /2 pts
4) The hospital allows the men to stay as long as they wish to say their good-byes T/F
5) The new recruits are 15 yrs old. T /F [Ch2]
6) Kat knows nothing about food. T /F
7) Most of the German food has a common ingredient. T /F
8) All the men appreciated Himmelstoss' patience. T /F

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