Monday, August 25, 2008

Classes have begun

Welcome Uptegraft classes for 2008-09

We will hold homework assignments on this site as well as journal entries over weekends. Are you ready? Come see me if technology scares you...

You all sound excited to be back - by the way, your letters were excellent! Thank you for taking such time & care as you told me a little about yourself. In turn, I will share information with you - and best of all, we will share ideas about the novels we explore.

How was chapter 1 of the Bean Trees? You will have a quiz over the Chapter. Welcome back again - I am delighted to be your Eng2 teacher. See you in A-4 on Thursday - we will be moving to E-2 next week.

best, Fleur Uptegraft

Please mark your calendars AGAIN for the summer reading assessment [test] on 9/8 - A day. If you haven't completed your novel, please do so this weekend. Have a restful Labor day weekend.

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