Friday, November 28, 2008

Week of 12/2 through 12/ 4 - All Quiet on the Western Front

Welcome back 12/2, Tuesday
Bring your binders, planners, & Outside Reading project!
-homework check [Lesson 3 vocabulary - completed packet]
-Propaganda lesson "what does it take to have an elder talk you into something"
*review BT FINAL exam

********AQWF Introduction********
-discuss WWI fact sheet and continue discussion on PROPAGANDAbegin character review[how does author use characterization?]
-Monthly reading calendar + watch blog

HW: Read thru Ch.3: take notes
-Find 5 examples & write-up your found propaganda [what kind of persuasion is it]
Did you know? Remarque wrote novel in poetic form...some entire chapters are written in prose.

12/4 Agenda
-AQWF reading quiz over Ch3
-CAHSEE Cornell notes: imagery & more figurative language
-Discuss characterization, setting, & complete in-class journal
**Last day for Outside reading project
-Binder check [Index/checklist of stamped material - clean-out binder]

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