Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Macbeth Agenda 3-23, 3-25, 3-27

-Read Act2, sc i-ii in-class: discuss quotes on 4 page hand-out.
-Group work to translate the quotes in groups of 9.
-Quiz - Lesson#6 Great Source vocabulary [review same]

HW: Complete reading Act2, sc iii-iv, describe #18 quote "what is he saying about sleep?" <-what does sleep do for us? What has Macbeth imagined he heard about his sleep?

Agenda 3-25:
-Review/Complete Act2 - quiz over Macbeth's hallucination over sleep #18
-Review 4 parts of Macbeth's Guilt soliloquy, LadyM's reason for not killing the King herself.
-Assign character posters
**Return any ESLR you have not turned in.
HW: Make sure to come to class with your selected novel

Agenda 3-27:
-Group work on character sheets
-Vocabulary Lesson #12
-Select Outside reading.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3-18 agenda

__________Macbeth Act II_________________
-Review ActII, sc 1-2 in class.
-In-class journal #4 [writing 20 min]
-Review & collect ESLRs
-Quotes & themes: Group work

**Bring your journals to class!

HW: Complete Act2, take notes on
STUDY- Lesson#6 vocabulary quiz Monday

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Agenda 3/13 reminder CAHSEE Tuesday 3/17 & Wednesday 3/18

Agenda 3/13/09
I. Quiz #1 Macbeth [38 questions] See sample Q's below. No vocabulary.
II. Review Vocabulary packet- commonly mistaken words
III. Review ESLR assignment

HW: None this weekend.
In preparation for CAHSEE, you will turn in your homework #2 sentence outline and complete one more in class.

________Macbeth themes & lit terms__________
**keep track of paradoxes: they foretell the future

Nothing is / But what is not... <- have we seen this theme? where, when? KEEP TRACK.
the corruption of power,
blind ambition,
superstition and its effects on human behavior.

Sample quiz Questions's:
-What do the witches predict for Banquo? (they give him three predictions …give at least two)
-Macbeth gives four reasons for not killing Duncan. Name at least three of them.
-What happened to the first Thane of Cawdor? Why?
-What is Lady Macbeth’s plan for killing Duncan? Explain in as much detail as you can.
-Explain dramatic irony. Define it and give one example from Act I.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Agenda 3-9-09 Macbeth I, i-v

HW due 3/9: 1) Complete Lesson #6 vocabulary [entire packet]

Agenda: 3/9 Discuss ActI, sci-v
[please note the scene summaries in the book for each scene as well as particular "word" explanations under the summaries]

Act1, sciii: Banquo describes the "instruments of darkness"...to what is he referring and what does he say?

Act1, sciii: The Witches are creating a supernatural, dark tone & appear to be powerful...but are they? Fear is only as powerful as the scared person gives the fear power. As Elanor Roosevelt said, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Be prepared to discuss this in class.

HW due 3/11: (Act1, sc 5 - sc7) Read completely through scene 7 - be prepared to discuss. QUIZ on Act 1 Wednesday 3/11 after completing the reading in class.

Lesson 5 vocabulary QUIZ

CONGRATS to the top (2) scoring students. Please make sure you are prepared for the "tie breaker" vocabulary question to win the PRIZE!

S. Ochoa
G. Ruiz
**E. Martinson came in 3rd!