Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week of 9-08 through 9-12-08

Hi all-
Monday's classwork expectations were your summer reading assessment - sorry about the key issue. Since only a few of you completed your in-class essay, you will have 45 min on Wednesday to complete/edit/type. No outside notes, aside from 1 page of quotes you selected to use can to brought from home [that's why I stamped where you were.] Bring *your own summer reading novel for quotes, and a blue/black pen.

We will have the laptop LAB w/ printer again in class.

We will have _ONLY_ the chapter 3 Bean Trees presentation on Wednesday. Please make sure you remember what our goal/theme for the semester is ...that may be on your quiz. On a 3x5 card, please complete your vocabulary CARD project [example on Communicado/or I'll email it; come get a 3x5 card in E-2 or A-4 if you need one.

Email me if you have questions. best, Ms. Uptegraft

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