Monday, December 8, 2008

Due 12/10/08 ___Quiz for Ch 5 & 6

CH 5&6: STUDY QUESTIONS/Quiz Due Wednesday 12/10/08

Be prepared for a discussion on these and for a Think Write on 12/10

Chap 5: Life after War and Himmelstoss returns_______________________
1) Describe the relationship between Tjaden and Himmelstoss.
Explain what happens between them (Tjaden and Himmelstoss) at the front. Make sure you include why Himmelstoss was at the front. What specifically did Trajden do to get "open arrest"?

2) Discuss the differences between the soldiers (young/old) as they ponder their return to their lives after the war. What are some of the differences between the soldiers – what is Paul’s insight on the generation gap?
** Haie Westhus: minor character, the peat farmer

Chap 6: Experiencing the Battle____________________________________________________
1) How did the soldiers know the Germans were planning an “offensive”? Define “offensive” .
2) What was the effect of ‘suffering’ on the men?

3) What is the purpose of describing in detail the deficiencies [problems] of the recruits?

4) Which of Paul’s friends is taken away with a fatal wound?
How does an earlier scene add to the sadness of that moment?

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