Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 10-20 through 10-24

Monday: 10/20 through Friday 10/24:
Review Vocabulary quiz -> postponed until absentees take make-up

**Please bring your Outside Reading books back..._Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian_. We'll need to make some dialetical journals

1) Take notes & review CA Standard Read.Comp 2.4 and be ready for another CAHSEE quiz on Tuesday Oct 28.
2) Ch9 presentation: Bring your BT novels, we will be reviewing the novel while chapters are presented.
HW: Complete all of "What is a refugee" & take notes on Ch 9-11 be prepared to review/discuss BT Chapters 9 through 11.

Wednesday: 1) "On-time to graduate?" Counseling presentation.
2) Review more CA Standard - Reading Comp.
3) Fragment & Pronoun replacement strategy [HW -> worksheets]
HW: Complete the grammar strategy with pronouns & fragment worksheet.

Friday: new seating chart
1) BRING OR novel - S.Alexie's _Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian_
2) CAHSEE review: more Reading Comp practice & notes
3) Review grammar worksheets / start vocab unit #2
HW: Take dialectical journal notes on _Part-Time Indian_ & create timeline [need quotes] Note: OR assignment DATE change - new Due date 11/14/08.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 10-14 through 10-16

Tuesday - 10/14: Vocabulary quiz -> postponed until Thursday

We will review CA Standard Writing Strategy 1.9 and by doing so will understand the necessity and importance of revising our writing. Good writing is a process - learning that process is what we will embark upon after our short CAHSEE quiz.

Please bring your BT novels, vocabulary packets [quick review for Thursday] AND you what is a refugee sheet?

Thursday - 10/16: Vocabulary quiz [over WORD packet1 including 4 affixes]

HW: Please read & be prepared to review/discuss BT Chapters 9 through 11.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 10-6 through 10-10

10-6________Writing Strategies & Grammar____________________
Your _Strong Family_ essay is due in class.
We will also consider these question[s}, how does our weekend essay tie into our semester theme? Our semester theme is how young adults transition into becoming adults, consider the essay you wrote over the weekend when you answer:

How does having a strong family contribute or take away from becoming an adult?
What if someone does not have a 'strong' family - are they doomed to fail?

In class: Read Damon & Pythias and discuss BT chart [p.5] Climax & Building Action. If you COME TO CLASS W/O your essay, please make sure your parents sign your LATE paper on Wed - noting they know you did not complete your homework. [Presentation on Ch 7 Wed].

HW: Complete your vocabulary packet up to page 6. Also please be prepared for a quiz on Ch6-8 on Wed, revisit our BLOG for BONUS quiz questions. Reminder NOTE: vocabulary quiz: WORD Unit1 & prefixes [10/14]

10-8 more BT themes, Grammar & Vocabulary review
Character sheets in packet should be complete, fill-in notes on people while considering the theme of "relationships".

WORD Unit 1 will be reviewed - VISUAL vocabulary will be created. We will have of the most votes will get double points [make sure you have a showing sentence that explains your WORD].
HW: If I can create your accounts in time - we will have an Outside Reading BLOG discussion...for a grade.

10-10 ________Ch 7 & 8 presentations, review "what is a Refugee?"
Literary terms - discuss Symbols & Ch7-8 questions.

HW: _______________and redraft family essay over the weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Outside Reading...coming soon!

Please create a question you think most of your colleagues are thinking while they read _The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian_. Write down your question & hand-it to me...the first 10 people to hand it to me will get BONUS passes.

I will select the 2 best ACTIVE READING questions and once I complete creating your accounts, I will ask you to reply online...