Sunday, January 25, 2009

AQWF Week 1-26 through 1-30-09

-CAHSEE prep/Cornell notes + practice - Diction + Alliteration
-Review Lesson #4 vocabulary
-Discuss chapter 9/10

-Subject-verb notes + worksheet [practice quiz - how much do you know?]
-CAHSEE prep/Cornell notes + practice
-Poem, "The Dreamers"
Does this poem explain the way the men felt? At what point?

-Listen to NPR PODCAST on Veteran suicide rate doubling
-CAHSEE quiz
-Write AQWF Journal #3
-Discuss Chapter 10

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AQWF Week 1-20 through 1-22-09

Tuesday 1-20-09:
-review CAHSEE Literary Analysis all week - quiz Thursday 1/22.
-BIG Reading quiz Ch 1-8,
-Journal #3 "War is Futile"
-Chance journal #2 returned,
NOTES: if directions ask you to use quotes, REMEMBER to do so.
HW: Complete lesson 4 "vocabulary" card
-ALL QUIET: Complete reading through chapter 9 [DO summaries!]
-CAHSEE essay: Lesson #_27_, Pg,__
compare newspapers to on-line news [pros/cons of each]

Thursday 1-22-09
a point you are trying to make using evidence
-Hand-in CAHSEE prep essay _and_ we will check Vocabulary Lesson 4.
1) Take CAHSEE Lit. Analysis quiz / review Cornell notes of lessons.
2) Review portions of AQWF chapters 6, 7, 8, 9 [watch movie]
Complete Ch 9-11 [take notes on: "how have the men have changed?"