Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 9-29 through 10-3

In preparation for our CAHSEE review, we will need to take a quick practice assessment. This will guide the 10th grade teachers to the area(s) where you all need specific CAHSEE focus [sorry for yet another assessment]. We have not forgotten the _Bean Trees_, please keep on reading - or go back & reread. A quiz on Ch 6-7 is pending...

Please make sure you have completed your prefix sentences & vocabulary questions [pp 1-2]... Remember I find the "complete w/ the corrected word" on page 3, one of the most valuable sections because it allows you to create a 2-4 word definition / and oftentimes it gives you a synonym.

Please bring your completed grammar sheets may have a quiz.

We will go to the library to check-out _the Diary of a Part-Time Indian_ by Sherman Alexie.

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