Friday, February 20, 2009

2-19-09 agenda - homework due 2/23

Class agenda 2-19:
-Review Vocabulary Lesson#5 [brief]
-Review edits of paper #1-2 [complete 3 &4 on Monday]
-Review recent AQWF essays and

1) edit your last essay -bring clean copy + edits on MONDAY 2/23/09
2) Respond to Macbeth Journal #2
"What is something you have wanted so bad that you may have been willing to do harm to others if you didn't get it?" Ask your family if you can't recall anything. Explain the situation [no shorter than 5 sentences].


  1. Since my family is pretty harsh i basically have to earn even 10 dollars. i'm not sure but i'm planning on being an ******** when i grow up ___basically want to be on my own about this. I wil definently harm even the slightest opposers, not even my kids will get my inheritence- it's that important to me. I'd give my inheritence to well known stranger if it means my kids can't learn responsibility. Not meaning I'd be strict, but being a bi*** about it might change their minds for money.
    P.S I'll ask my kids the same question- reffering to the inheritence.

  2. There was this one time when I wanted to win a very important game in our family reunion. So I took all my cousins who were in the game for a walk in the woods, and threw them all into a poison ivy plant so they couldnt compete in the race anymore. They were all mad at me but the prize was an ipod nano (the new ones) I was not gonna let that ipod go. But at the end i ended up losing that dammed thing! Now I think that was really shady so I kinda regret it.

  3. When I was in college, pre-med track, my chemistry lab partner and I worked very fast. When she had taken what we needed for our experiment, she switched the "unknown" labels on the chemicals, so after a few students had used them everyone else's results would be wrong. I didn't do anything about it when she told me...I knew she was extremely competitive, but thought she was mostly being a poor student. all of my other "evil" stories involve my brother and will remain untold. :)

  4. Whoever is "journalforuptegraft" needs to ID themselves to me for journal credit [before class]! -Ms.U

  5. Michelc said.."What is something I wanted so bad I'm willing to do harm to others to get it?" ..
    I am not a person who resortes first to violence this isn't a question that I can answer easily. However this happend to me a few time with my brother when it comes to video games. My brother hogs the game I want to play eventhough he has a lot of time on his hands, so I can get annoyed when refuses to share. In a few cases I do use excessive force to get him off. However the "excessive force" is often just moderatly pushing him off the chair in front of the computer.I guess it could be worse.

  6. One time, me and my family went camping and all day my brother was teasing me to make me cry. So when we were on a hike i decided to trip him into a bush because i thought it might be funny. It ended up being that the bush had poison ivy in the whole rest of the trip my brother had to stay in his tent. While everyone else was having fun!The rest of the trip i had a blast and he never teased me like that again haha.

  7. During the football season I was having a bad practice week and wasn't going to start in the next Friday’s game. So that meant that the next person behind my spot would be starting over me. There was no way it was going to happen; I would’ve done anything to play in that game. So the last few practices before the game I was trying to hit the person under me who was going to start as hard as I could so he would be hurt and I could take my original place back. I ended up tackling him so awkwardly that he broke two fingers un-allowing him to play in the game. Evil, but I got to play. =]

  8. Lmanuc writes:

    There was this time that my brother and i both wanted to sit in the front of the car. We both raced to the passenger side. My brother was wininng, so i pushed him. He fell really hard on the cement & scratched up his arms and started bleeding.

    Vganoz writes:
    There was a time when i was at my grandmas house and i wanted to use the computer. My cousin who is younger then me was using it and he would not let me on. I was so mad i told him that if he did not let me use it that i would never talk 2 him ever again it didn't work. So i had remembered that my cousin was scared of the police. So i told him that i had just called the police and they were on their way. He got so scared and started to run down the stairs crying to my grandma. I got in trouble for scarring my little cousin but i did not care because at the end i stayed with the computer :)

  9. I can not exactly think of a time when i did something mean to someone else to get what i wanted. But i know i probably have. All the i can think of is when my friend and i were running as fast as we could to be the first one at some location. I did not want to lose. As we were running i grabbed her shirt to pull her back. When i was pulling her back i also tripped her. Once i had gotten ahead i sprinted as fast as i could. When i got to the destination i looked back and she was on the ground crying. I felt sort of bad but i won. It was totally worth it.

  10. There was one time, when my sisters took my phone and even though I told them not to, I pushed them on the ground and hit them. I felt bad but, they were asking for it.