Sunday, February 8, 2009


Essay Drafts/Outlines due 2/9 [25 pts]
In order to complete a peer review/ask editing questions - you will need to show a draft of your paper on MONDAY 2/9.

Qtr grades go in on 2/9; grades will be posted in E2 / A4.
The following is a list of journal assignments:

Journal 2: 1/13/09 [p. 110] Paul's discussion of Chance
Journal 3: 1/15/09 "War is Futile"
Journal 4: 1/21/09 How do the soldiers change, what makes Paul angry when he goes home? [you may chose mention Post-war Trauma]
Journal 5: 2/3/09 quotes from Ch4,7,9: Vocabulary & AQWF quiz

LINK TO PODCAST for Journal 4:

Check here for the Final essay assignment/rubric tomorrow.

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