Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writing tutorial notes...2/9/09

During 7th period and after school a few of us met and here are the NOTES::

Thesis Essay prompt#2
CHANGE: Paul and the other soldiers change throughout the novel. [While these are incomplete notes, they are a draft of Topic sentences & potential quotes you can use for a strong essay]. Remember, you must have 2 quotes per body.

BODY #1 - TS Young soldiers believe propaganda & enlist
1. War will make them heroes - Kantorek quote
2. Soldiers are naive about the war [Kat quote-he teaches them to survive] Transition sentence could be about "learning how to" survive...]

BODY #2 - TS: Paul & others are becoming wise about the ways of killing, possibly pessimistic, as well as alienated...
1. Thoughts on how they could die everyday [change quote - use journal]
2. war is futile [they are learning skills to become keen killers, sense of self- preservation...but what does this do other than help them STAY alive?] How does it make them feel -it this different than how they feel in the beginning?
**Tie transitional sentence back into thesis.

BODY #3 - TS: Paul develops empathy, moves away from self-preservation (although this skill is ingrained]
1. Russian soldiers
2. General Duval

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