Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 2-23 through 2-27-09

Agenda 2/23:
**edited essays DUE BACK
-Lesson #5 prepare for Vocabulary quiz [review mini lesson 3 & 4]
-Macbeth /Shakespeare INTRO
-Review characters, Macbeth Vocabulary & Groupwork quotes #1-8
[Valley Girl, Rap, Teen speak, Jive/Slang, Nerdy-square, preppy, Jock-talk]
HW:___ActI Quote translation and post to Journal #3: Your reflection on AQWF

Agenda 2/25:
-View documentary "Invisible Children" - write reflection
HW:_Complete quotes assigned [group work], post to AQWF reflection to blog
*Ambitious students can study for lesson #5 vocabulary + Macbeth vocab#1 quiz 3/3/09

Blog: [A] Do you believe AQWF was beneficial to your study of WW1 in MEH and what was something specifically useful/enjoyable about the novel. Post your thoughts to others' posts. DUE 2/27/09 [B] Film viewing, "Invisible Children": write personal reflection.


  1. Ms. Uptegraft we have to post our reflection of AQWF on here? Well on my opinion on it it DID help a bit on my history class. One of my assignments for MEH was to write a letter describing all the senses through a letter to any of my loved ones. I used All Quiet to convey how I was feeling being one of the soldiers in the war. I was very descriptive in my letter and I think I wrote a pretty good letter!

  2. I belive that all quiet on the western frotn was a very useful read. For one it helps understand the MEH section on World War I a lot (showing the movie as well would still be even more useful however). It was a fairly easy book making in terms of vocabulary yet still manges to give a strong impact to the reader. The only real problem that I had I forgot some imporant points because the chapters were a little too long, giving too few check points in the reading. Overall, I recomend this book for future 10th grade classes.

  3. AQWF was very helpful for me in my history class because during the time we were reading the novel my history class was just starting into trench warfare and WWI. AQFW gave me some extra knoweldge in knowing about the fighting and living conditions in more detail. This novel gives students in Modern Euro a jumpstart into WWI. Highly recommended for 10th graders.

  4. I thought Invisible Children was a very depressing video. It really opened my eyes to other tragedies around the world.It showed the true vicious side that some people are really born with. I hope that this document gave others an open mind to the negative side of society and how others would degrade their morality for avenge.

  5. I think that AQWF was very helpful and gave me a good start for my history class. In my history class we started talking about WWI and wrote trench letters acting like we were one of those soldiers. I think that it was a godd idea to read AQWF because at the same time we started talking about WWI and it helped me think more. Overall, i thought that this book was great but kind of long. But i do think that 10th graders should read this book because it would help them a lot when they talk about war and the situations about the war.

  6. I believe that AQWF was beneficial in our study of WW1. It was beneficial because when my teacher was talking to us about the war i already knew what she was going to say and i understood her better.So yes AQWF was beneficial in our study of WW1 because it helped me understand it better.

  7. All Quiet On The Western Front was beneficial to me. It was beneficial, because when my M.E.H teacher was talking to us about WWI I alredy knew about what she was talking about. Also the way Ms.Uptegraft explained it helped me in understanding it.

  8. When we watched the documentary Invisible Children on Wednesday, it affected me deeply. I just don't understand why a man would do that to a bunch of innocent children. Watching that film made me want to fly over to Africa and try to free every last one of those kids.

  9. All Quiet on the Western Front made sense for the timeline of events through World War One's historical initiations. Once in the war, the ricochets of the novel to the events in History set almost perfect timing as to the understanding of the events in and out of the novel.

  10. I think AQWF was partially beneficial for me. This is because it helped me learn a little more about World War 1, which we were also learning about in history. However, i thought it was a little to boring for my taste. I'm not really that into war novels, so for me I thought that this book was not interesting. Other than what I prefer, the book was beneficial because it helped me learn what was going on in the my history class better.