Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Agenda 3-9-09 Macbeth I, i-v

HW due 3/9: 1) Complete Lesson #6 vocabulary [entire packet]

Agenda: 3/9 Discuss ActI, sci-v
[please note the scene summaries in the book for each scene as well as particular "word" explanations under the summaries]

Act1, sciii: Banquo describes the "instruments of darkness" what is he referring and what does he say?

Act1, sciii: The Witches are creating a supernatural, dark tone & appear to be powerful...but are they? Fear is only as powerful as the scared person gives the fear power. As Elanor Roosevelt said, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Be prepared to discuss this in class.

HW due 3/11: (Act1, sc 5 - sc7) Read completely through scene 7 - be prepared to discuss. QUIZ on Act 1 Wednesday 3/11 after completing the reading in class.

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