Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Macbeth Agenda 3-23, 3-25, 3-27

-Read Act2, sc i-ii in-class: discuss quotes on 4 page hand-out.
-Group work to translate the quotes in groups of 9.
-Quiz - Lesson#6 Great Source vocabulary [review same]

HW: Complete reading Act2, sc iii-iv, describe #18 quote "what is he saying about sleep?" <-what does sleep do for us? What has Macbeth imagined he heard about his sleep?

Agenda 3-25:
-Review/Complete Act2 - quiz over Macbeth's hallucination over sleep #18
-Review 4 parts of Macbeth's Guilt soliloquy, LadyM's reason for not killing the King herself.
-Assign character posters
**Return any ESLR you have not turned in.
HW: Make sure to come to class with your selected novel

Agenda 3-27:
-Group work on character sheets
-Vocabulary Lesson #12
-Select Outside reading.

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