Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome back BUILD from 3-day Labor day weekend

This week @ WHS BUILD 9-8 thru 9-11:

Tuesday 9/8:

Warm-up: INVENTIONS quiz....I always wished I had _____ to do _____.
1) *Groups will be voting on most creative, best actor, best actress for their for products.
2) Complete debrief for Products-in-a-Bag
3) Teams fill-out TEAMWORK debrief sheet [assessment/test]

Wednesday 9/9:
WARM-up: Share within teams the importance of "debriefing" - get SCRIBE!
1) Teams discuss inventions
2) Team agrees on "1" invention to create proto poster & commercial for

Thursday 9/10:
WARM-UP team brings in the most IMPORTANT invention ever!
1) Describe 2 options for last product - Harmless Holder, Small place Game
2) Teams begin creating last 'design'

Friday 9/11:
WARM-UP: review Design Squad episode
1) Teams continue work on final design project. [QTR grades- discuss free PSAT]
2) Teams assign poster/commercial assignments to people.

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