Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/7 Macbeth homework reminder - pick-up the questions

Homework reminder: DUE 5/7/09:

Lesson #11 - Humour vocabulary packet pp. 67-69

Act III, Scene ii-v: review the questions & answer sc ii-V. [Our class discussion covered 95% of this material] COPIES of questions attached / also in Room E2 / A4

****Read Act IV, Scene i and answer questions [apparitions with witches].

-Grades will be posted on Thursday, vocab tests will be returned.

Writing Tutorials will be held Wednesday 5/6 & Thursday 5/7 during 7th period [2:20-3:30]in E9, Ms. Camera's room.

If you did not turn in an essay, or need additional writing assistance - please come get help.
-Outlines for essays will be available, we will break down the essay prompts & find evidence!

Questions located on Communicado @ https://communicado.seq.org/index.php?action=classpage_view&site=004&districtid=001&subpage=homework&user=afleur§ionid=052089-07

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